If You Are in New Orleans, Go to These Places

New Orleans is a city like no other – its unrivaled mix of culture and history provides unforgettable experiences to visitors and residents alike. The city’s blend of American, African, and French influences has yielded its characteristic music and cuisine that has continued to evolve since its founding in 1718.

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans, you’re in for one of the most entertaining and memorable trips of your life. Here are some must-see places to visit.

Fall in Love in the French Quarter

When you think of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, jazz, romantic architecture, parties, and lots of history come to mind. If you want to see what makes this city so iconic, head to the French Quarter. It’s full of life, incredible food, and culture.

Get Spooked on a Ghost Tour

Part of what makes New Orleans unique is its rich cultural history, including the practice of Louisiana voodoo, born from a mixture of African and Afro-Caribbean religious beliefs. New Orleans also has ties to famed witches and occultists, so a ghost tour is an indispensable way to experience the city.

Consume Copious Amounts of Beignets at Café du Monde

No trip to New Orleans is complete without experiencing what makes its cuisine so special. And where better to do that than the famous Café du Monde, which has been in operation since 1862. These sweet pastries were brought to New Orleans by French colonists in the 18th century. You’ll know why they’ve remained a city staple once you take a bite.

Feel the New Orleans Beat at Tipitina’s

New Orleans never lacks music or places to hear (and dance to) it. After all, it’s referred to as the “Birthplace of Jazz” for a reason. Tipitina’s is a famous music club that’s been serenading the city and showcasing local talent since 1977.

Visiting New Orleans will only prove that no trip there is long enough! With these must-see itinerary items, you’ll at least be on your way to an unforgettable New Orleans experience.

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