Overcoming Swimsuit Shopping Anxiety

Summer is here, which unfortunately brings a whole breadth of swimsuit shopping anxiety. Whether it’s due to the prominence of models that don’t reflect most women’s body shapes or simply a dislike for being half-naked in public, if you feel overwhelmed going swimsuit shopping, you’re not alone! Here are a few tips to help ease the process.

Shop for Your Body

As mentioned, most models are not reflective of the population they serve. In other words: Most of us do not have the body of a swimsuit model! For this reason, stop selecting swimsuits because you like the way they look on someone else. Instead, look for styles that complement your body type.

Go By Your Level of Comfort

If you’re uncomfortable in an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie bikini, then you shouldn’t buy one. Instead, shop for swimsuits based on what makes you feel comfortable. One-pieces, keyhole cutouts, high-waisted bottoms, and other more modest styles are trending this summer. So there’s no need to bare it all if you don’t want to. (Of course, if you do want to, then, by all means, flaunt it!)

Reflect Your Personal Style

It doesn’t have to be this way. When shopping for a swimsuit, don’t throw your personal style out the window based on what you think is available to you. Hold out for better options, be picky, and don’t be afraid to try other outlets.

Feel Free to Accessorize

If the idea of swimsuit shopping makes you groan, why not turn the experience into a full-ensemble shopping session. Find the perfect matching cover-up. Grab a sun hat that accentuates your suit. Select water-friendly jewelry that makes you feel more radiant. You deserve to feel confident in your swimsuit. And when you do, all that anxiety can simply melt away.

Shopping for the right swimsuit doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Rely on these tips to get you through the process, and you’ll be showing off your new swimsuit before you know it!

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