How “Cruella” May Impact the World of Dalmatians

When movies or other media center around certain dog breeds, the popularity of those breeds typically skyrockets. This means that Disney’s new film Cruella is likely to cause a spike in the number of Dalmatian adoptions.

Unfortunately, this increased adoption rate is expected to lead to a steep drop-off when owners realize this isn’t the pet for them, leaving many Dalmatians back in shelters.

So before you decide to welcome one of these adorable spotted friends into your home, here are some things to consider.

Learn About Their Temperament

Dalmatians are extremely smart but are also notoriously clingy and often suffer from separation anxiety. They are jokingly referred to as “Velcro” dogs among Dalmatian owners due to this personality trait.

Additionally, Dalmatians are very high energy and require over an hour of exercise every day. Without this energy release, they’re more likely to destroy houses due to feeling cooped up.

Dalmatians aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners due to their capacity to become aggressive if not properly trained or socialized early on with other dogs, people, and kids.

Research Their Common Illnesses

Like every breed, Dalmatians come with their list of common illnesses. Dalmatians are known to experience urinary stones and allergies, both of which will require more dedication, time, and money. Dalmatians are also prone to deafness, so owners should be aware that this condition can develop in their pup.

Make Sure You’re the Right Fit

If you’ve decided this breed is right for you, have you thought about whether you are the right fit for the breed?

As mentioned, Dalmatians become very attached to their owners. And when their owners aren’t at home, they are more likely to be destructive or depressed. If you work long hours or otherwise aren’t home very often, this is not the pet for you.

Additionally, since Dalmatians have a ton of energy, they do best living in a house with a fenced-in yard in which they can run. Otherwise, they will need to be taken on long, daily walks or to the dog park to expel some of that energy. If you’re more of a couch potato, you probably aren’t the right fit for this breed.

Hold Off on Any Big Decisions

Majestic and beautiful as they may be, Dalmatians are a lot of work and should not be adopted on a whim. Consider your personality, your capacity to care for a pet, and the above points before deciding on your next dog. Be honest with yourself. You may turn out to be the perfect Dalmatian owner – just do your research to help prevent an influx of abandoned Dalmatians several months down the road.

Sources: American Kennel Club / PETA

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