How Can I Make My Hair Grow?

Are you frustrated because you feel like your hair isn’t growing no matter what you try? Did you know that age can affect hair growth? If you have been battling hair loss for years or are just starting to notice some thinning, these tips can help get your hair back on track.

Try Hair Growth Oil

What is it? Hair growth oil is formulated to help the growth of new hair follicles.      

How can it help? Oil has four main benefits for your hair: It strengthens; it protects from heat damage; it stimulates growth; it hydrates and prevents frizz.

Why it may not be for you: If you suffer from excessively oily hair, try another option on this list.

Do a Rice Water Treatment

What is it? Rice water is the water left over after rice has been cooked. It becomes highly starchy after the cooking process.

How can it help? Not only can rice water stimulate hair growth, but it can help to detangle hair and make it smoother and shinier.

Why it may not be for you: Avoid using rice water if you have an allergy.

Deep Condition

What is it? Deep conditioning is a process in which you treat your hair with a protein- or moisture-rich conditioner. It usually involves applying the conditioner to your hair, wrapping it in a towel, and leaving it on for several minutes before rinsing.

How can it help? Deep conditioner is full of essential oils and proteins (like keratin) to hydrate damaged hair and improve hair elasticity.

Why it may not be for you: Deep conditioning benefits practically everyone!

Add Scalp Massages to Your Routine

What is it? A scalp massage is exactly how it sounds. Use your fingertips and apply light to medium pressure to your scalp, moving in small circular motions. Try this method for at least five minutes per day to see an improvement in your hair. Oil is not needed but can be added if you prefer.

How can it help? A scalp massage can help hair thickness by stimulating the hair follicles to produce more hair.

Now that you know these hair-growing techniques, it is up to you to try them!


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