How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is more than an unattractive habit. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this bad habit can be a big problem. It may damage the tissue that causes nails to grow, which can create abnormal growth. It also makes you more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. It’s not impossible to break the biting habit, even if you feel that you’ve already tried everything.

Tips to Stop Nail Biting

Many people begin biting their nails in childhood and may carry the bad habit with them into adulthood. Try some tips that can help you stop that ugly biting habit.

  • Get a great manicure. Have your nails professionally manicured. Get all the dead skin and broken nail ends cleaned up, and get your hands looking as pretty as possible. Commit to not biting, and try to pay attention to biting behavior. If you find you can’t stop through sheer willpower alone, try something more drastic.
  • Wear gloves. Yes, it’s going to look a little odd. But extreme problems do call for extreme measures. Start wearing a pair of thin gloves all the time, until you no longer bite your nails as an unconscious habit. There are many touchscreen gloves that are technology-friendly, so you can’t use your phone as an excuse not to give this cure a try.
  • Wear fake nails. It’s hard to bite acrylic nails. Get them applied to your fingertips on a regular basis. Soon, you’ll notice that you’ve broken that bad nail biting habit.
  • Wear Bad Tasting Nail PolishYou won’t want to bite your nails if they taste bad!

The Next Step

If you still can’t stop biting your nails even after taking extreme measures, consult with a doctor. Nail-biting is usually an indication of underlying stress or perhaps even a deeper emotional issue. Address the feelings that are making you want to bite your nails to break the habit.

Stop Biting

It is possible to stop biting your nails. Try these methods, and try to address the issues that are making you want to bite. If you follow these steps to break that bad habit, you can conquer nail-biting to get healthy, beautiful hands. After all, you deserve it!

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