How to Achieve the Natural No Make-up Look

So, you barely have enough time to brush your hair and teeth in the morning – never mind apply lipstick and liner. Noted. The next best thing to the five-minute face: the natural no make-up look. While the daily routines follow the same basic rules, the second centers more on products and less on time. Depending on personal style, make-up users require a list of palettes and brushes to achieve the look. In some cases, it’s more make-up than meets the eye.

Putting a twist on the traditional approach to the natural no make-up look, the following is a stripped down version of this minimal do (yes, it’s a thing!). With a handful of products to apply post-rinse and wash (one-time only), lighten your face and your load. Tip: to keep things simple and achieve total authenticity, take on the day make-up free.

1. So Fresh, So Clean

Save the thick lines and heavy layers for your next girls’ night out; the natural no make-up look is perfect for your day to day. First things first, at the center of the look: a personalized (and dedicated) skincare routine. On top of a daily cleanser, your working combination of serums, scrubs and/or facial treatments is a regular note to self. Whatever works: you do you and stick with it. Something to consider: making sun protection a priority and use a moisturizer with SPF.
With no contouring or highlighting to hide behind, you need a fresh face to start. Emphasize your natural glam sans price tag + make-up bag by practicing healthy eating and sleeping habits.

2. A Basic Base

The signature step of the barely there look: applying a light base layer. Choose an illuminating primer to achieve an even skin tone, a smooth complexion and full coverage. A primer will help to make your skin appear extra hydrated. Plan B: increase your daily intake of water.

3. Cover, Conceal and Cream

While skipping foundation is the secret to getting that on-the-go glow, feel free to spot apply a lightweight concealer to cover marks, blemishes or dark circles. While you’re doing your under-eyes, be sure to dab some on your lids to create a more awake look. Blend and gently dab with your fingers. To follow: use a finishing translucent powder to set the concealer. RCMA is one of our favorites, and it doesn’t turn white in flash photos.

4. All-In-One for the Win

Forget about the fancy and find an everything balm to pop your cheekbones, gloss your lips and brush your brows. Choose a balm with a clear base to produce a silky texture and sweaty glisten. Dewy is the new do.

5. Color Me Complete

For a touch of color, finish with a brush of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Don’t want to leave your eyes feeling lonely? Apply a single coat of mascara to pull the no make-up natural look together.

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