Great Resources for Plant Parents Who Need a Little Help

Being a plant parent isn’t easy – especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Here are a few of our favorite plant apps that will teach you everything you need to know.


This app by Bloomscape offers three key features: a watering schedule, which enables you to set plant watering reminders; plant progress charts, which allow you to take pictures of each plant and chart their growth; and a knowledge library, which offers countless resources to help you learn new plant-related skills to make you a better horticulturist. Download via the App Store or Google Play.


PlantSnap allows you to take photos of different plants and upload them into the app to be identified. That bush you just passed is no longer a mystery, and the flowers you’re unsure about can be cared for properly. Download via the App Store or Google Play. A pro version is also available.


Designed for the new plant parent, Blossom helps ensure your plants get the best possible care with curated information specific to your plant babies. The app teaches you how to water, fertilize, and provide enough light for your plants, and it sets reminders to let you know when it’s time to care for them. If you’re not positive about what type of plant you’re dealing with, the app also offers an identification tool. Download via the App Store or Google Play.


Like many of the apps on this list, PlantIn offers a plant-identification feature. It also offers something the others don’t: disease identification, which helps you determine what ails your plant and develop a remedy for it. The app also provides a plant care journal through which you can track your plant’s progress, get advice from avid gardeners, and schedule care and watering reminders. Download via the App Store or Google Play.


Gardenia offers many of the same services as the other apps on this list, plus a few new ones. Not only can you input your plants and schedule your gardening routine, but you can also monitor the weather to ensure your schedule isn’t ruined by a rainy day. Additionally, Gardenia offers a database of common plants so you can research proper care tips and tricks. Download via the App Store or Google Play.

Every plant requires a different level of care and attention, which makes the plant parenting process more confusing and challenging than meets the eye. These apps help negate some of that confusion, ensuring your plant babies thrive, regardless of your expertise.


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