The Ultimate Bucket List for Summer Lovers

Want to get outside to spend some time with your partner? Check out these fun, inexpensive date ideas to keep your summer as hot as your boo – or beat the heat together.

Prepare a Picnic

Any time is a good time when you’re with your person! So slap together some sandwiches, pack your babe’s favorite bag of chips, then grab a blanket and head to the park.

Catch Some Rays

Want to catch some rays yet keep it cool? Get yourselves to a beach. As long as you’ve got sunscreen, towels, and your favorite person, it’s bound to be a good time! Now head on in, the water is fine.

Road Trip!

Whether you head off to a fabulous destination or your neighborhood ice cream shop, all that really matters is you have your favorite passenger, some great tunes, and a summer breeze flowing through the open windows.

Gaze at Fireworks

Is it the Fourth of July? Because this date idea involves fireworks! Chill out and admire the dazzling colors and lights – and don’t forget the kiss. Check out the calendars of local park districts, and you’re bound to find some summer fireworks near you.

Try a Vintage Movie Night

Is there anything sweeter than flashing back to ’50s era romance with a classic movie and some popcorn? If you’re lucky enough to live near a drive-in theater, make sure to take your lover.

Hit the Fair

When the fair is in town, plan a double date with your beau and some funnel cake. Remember, no trip to the fair is complete without a lemonade shake-up and a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. Two tickets, please!

Have a Campfire

Surprise s’mores is a universal love language, right? This date will take you to the fire pit in your backyard. Snuggle up and snack away – it’s about to be a fun night.

Take Them Out to the Ballgame

Hot dogs and crackerjacks always taste better when they’re in a stadium. Sports fan or not, sitting next to your boo at the game is a guaranteed good time.

This summer, take advantage of some of these inexpensive date ideas that will blow your partner away!

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