Getting Married? These Are The Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

There’s no doubt that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so making it as smooth-sailing as possible will be at the top of your priority list. As much as you can try to avoid it, emergencies happen. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or unexpected makeup disaster, having a wedding day emergency kit is worthwhile. Here’s what to include:

White Chalk 

Sometimes spillages and stains happen, but this mixed with an expensive white dress is enough to make even the calmest bride panic. Pack some white chalk in your bag to quickly and easily mask any stains on your dress.

A Sewing Kit 

Ideal for on the go, sewing kits are essential for your big day as they can fix almost any problem, including wardrobe malfunctions, dress tears, or loose buttons.

Blister Plasters 

Male or female, there’s bound to be someone with blisters. There’s nothing worse than trying to fight through the pain of uncomfortable shoes, so be sure to pack some blister plasters to act as a quick-fix for any sore feet.


An obvious addition to your emergency kit is tissues. Perfect for wiping tears, touching up any makeup smudges, and mopping up any spillages throughout the day and night. You can’t go without a pack (or 10) for your wedding.

Ibuprofen + Tums

Although it’s a hugely important day, you can’t always guarantee that everyone will be feeling their best. Aches and pains can often get in the way, so stocking up on some Ibuprofen and Tums to eliminate any pesky headaches or tummy troubles is definitely a sensible step to take (especially if anyone has had a few too many drinks the night before!)

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