Things You Only Need One (Or Two Of)

Minimalism is more popular than ever, and even though adopting it might be a considerable change in your lifestyle, you can always borrow some principles that will make your life easier and have a good impact on the environment.


You only need one set of good quality sunglasses. You don’t need many sunglasses, and if you choose a classic style, you will be able to wear them with any outfit.

Work Out Shoes

There are a lot of cute workout clothes and accessories available, and we often purchase more stuff than we need. When it comes to workout shoes, one pair is enough. Owning only one pair of workout shoes will reduce the space you need for storage.

Body Lotion

Lotions come in different consistencies, and even though pretty packaging can attract us to buy new lotion even though we have one sitting at home, we should resist the urge, since it is a waste of money and won’t add any value to our life. The exception would be a summer vs winter moisturizer – in that case, get two!


Owning one good quality cardigan is enough. Pick a color that will go nicely with other things you have in your closet, and you are set. Having one cardigan will reduce a lot of waste, and it will also save you a lot of space in your wardrobe since they can get be bulky.


The same applies to lipsticks. You probably know what color works for you, and always reach for the same one.

Nail Polish

We often have many nail polishes on hand. Instead of having multiple nail polishes, try using one or two nail polishes until they become empty or go bad. This way, you will save a lot of money and can still experiment with colors once you’ve used the nail polish you already own.

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