How Gut Health Affects Our Skin

The gut microbiome is a collection of bacteria, yeast, and viruses that live in your body. The brain uses the microbiome to regulate certain functions. Besides affecting the appearance of our skin, the gut’s microbiome also impacts our weight, our mental health, and anything that relates to long-term health and well-being.

Skin’s Microbiome

Not everyone’s skin is reactive to the changes in the gut, but there is a serious connection there. Skin’s microbiome’s job is to help with things like moisture retention, strengthening the skin barrier, fighting pathogens, and preventing acne. More than half of the skin’s microbiome is a strain of acne bacteria. This is because different strands of acne bacteria prevent acne from forming on your skin. Which is why it is vital to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy to prevent acne.

Skin And Gut

Your brain is sending signals about your internal environment to your skin. Imbalance in your gut can lead to many skin problems like flaking, dry skin, bumps, or acne. Therefore, keeping your gut balanced and healthy is vital to keep your skin looking good.

You can easily disrupt your gut lining by drinking excessive alcohol, eating highly processed foods, and taking a lot of antibiotic medication. You should also pay attention to your diet. The types of food you eat affect different bacteria in your body. It is important to eat high-fiber foods, which positively impact your microbiome. The best way to keep your gut healthy is to eat balanced meals and to have variety in them.

Another way you can help your microbiome and digestion is by taking probiotics. They consist of bacteria naturally found in your gut and help with digestion. Yogurt and fermented vegetables are a great source of probiotics.

How to Tell When Your Gut is Off-Balance?

You can tell that your gut isn’t healthy when your stomach hurts a lot; you are often bloated and have trouble digesting food. Some people get imbalances shown on their skin as breakouts. Once you realize that you aren’t eating as healthy as you should be, there are simple things you can do to become healthier. For instance, you can start by eliminating carbs from your breakfast and going for colorful vegetables when you are making a salad. You can also try eating your proteins and vegetables before carbs because it will lower your blood sugar spikes.

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