Find New Excitement With Your Friend Groups in 2019

Doing the same old things with the same people can get kind of stale. But you may not be sick of your friends; maybe you’re just bored with the usual activities you do together. Try some fun new group activities and you just might see another side to the friends you think you know so well.

Do an Escape Room Challenge

Escape Rooms are getting more and more popular, so they’re not difficult to find. Get some tickets for you and your friends, and have fun trying to solve challenges together. Even if you fail, you’ll walk away with plenty of memories and some good material for inside jokes.

Race Go-Karts

Who says that go-karts are just for kids? Late in the evening, the little kids are gone and the go-kart track is a perfect place to go with your friends. Engage in some friendly competition, and find out who has the most competitive side in your friend group.

Go to Trivia Night

Lots of bars and pubs host a regular trivia night. Pick an evening and get everyone together to test your knowledge. You may learn something about your friends you never knew, or about yourself. And even if your team doesn’t win, you can have fun sharing baskets of wings and fries while you give it your best.

Take a Painting Class

You don’t have to be artistic to appreciate art…or even to attempt to create it. Go to a painting class as a group, and see if any of you are budding artists. And even though chances are pretty good that no one will be very good, you’ll have a lot of fun laughing at each other and attempting to learn how to paint. Pick a class that serves beer or wine, which adds another layer of fun to the evening.

Go Zip-lining

Get thrill and excitement on a zip-line course. Because zip-lining is mostly done in groups, you and your friends can fill up a group so it’s just you guys flying down a mountain. Be sure to bring your go-pro to capture the action (selfie sticks not recommended). 

Go out With the Group

Take your friends out for a fun group activity, and do something a little out of the ordinary. You’ll wind up with new stuff to talk about, and you can find lots of new things to try once you start looking.

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