An Easy Intro to Vegan Fashion

It’s getting easier to add vegan clothing and accessories to your wardrobe with the creation of Vegan Fashion Week. Recently held in Los Angeles, the four-day event introduced cruelty-free options, offered sustainable alternatives and raised awareness of the ethical, social and environmental issues that surround the industry. Expanding the movement from recipe to outfit, vegan fashion promotes the boycotting of all fur and leather products.

If you’re interested in changing up your outfit of the day to support the cause, open your doors to two of the top vegan fashion trends: cork and corduroy. Known as the best friend of the vegan closet, cork is the leading alternative to leather. With a long list of benefits, the naturally harvested and eco-friendly material offers a higher level of quality, durability and sustainability. Described as plain and simple, its unique and stylish texture includes waterproof properties – making it the perfect fit for apparel accessories. From bags, backpacks and belts to wallets and wristlets, cork is a funky neutral to pair and play with.
And for good or bad. Corduroy is back in action.

Depending on personal preference, the return of corduroy is a big hit or a big miss. Since causing a split in the fashion world over 40 years ago, it’s been a rocky ride for the textile. Feel free to buy a ticket and hop on the throwback train to choose whether or not it’s a fan favorite this time around. Slowly taking over high street and high end apparel, the fabric features a distinct ridge pattern. Determined by the width of the individual cord (or wale), corduroy is available in several different thicknesses. While the material is connected to the feeling of nostalgia, the number one way to update the look is the cord suit. Both dressy and casual, the boho theme is all about pressing rewind and doubling up. Simply worn, if you’re in — you’re all the way in. 

Check out Pixie Mood to shop everything cork, crossbody and clutch. Continuing to find the most socially responsible ways to look good & feel great, this brand doesn’t compromise style or flare. Get ready to spread the love – in more ways than one.

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