Achieving Personal Development With EndoGenius

Image: Ahmed Nayed, host of the podcast EndoGenius

Many of us go through the motions in life believing we are doing the best for ourselves and our family by doing what we’re supposed to do. However, upon reflection, we may realize that while we are following the rules society has put out for us, we are not living authentically.

This is exactly what happened to Ahmed Nayel, creator and host of the podcast EndoGenius. We had the opportunity to speak with Nayel about his podcast, which he calls a “masterclass in personal development.” During the hourlong episodes, professionals from different walks of life who are experts in topics such as addiction, trauma, neuroscience, and critical care guide listeners on the path of personal development.

In Search of Personal Development

When Nayel realized that something had to change, he had been living with depression and anxiety that had become all-consuming, which had created a tumultuous home environment. As he began to self-reflect and assess his life, he started to see progress in making things right. It was at that point that Nayel says he was “struck by a desire to share what I learned that had impacted my life in such a positive way.

“True self-improvement stems from intrinsic motivation,” Nayel adds, “which is when we act not because of an apparent external reward or because society expects it, but because we’ve determined from within that engaging in the activity brings us joy.” This is how he came up with the name EndoGenius for his podcast: a play on ‘endogenous,’ which means growing from within, and ‘genius.’ The two words combined “essentially means mastery of the inner self.”

EndoGenius Topics and Goals

If you are seeking inspiration or a place to start focussing on yourself and your needs, EndoGenius is a great place to find guidance. Past subjects include burnout, mindfulness, and dopamine. A recent episode called “Intuitive Eating and the Future of Body Positivity” is a deep dive into the fundamentals of intuitive eating and the consequences of diet mentality. An upcoming episode will talk about how to build lasting and healthy romantic relationships. Nayel says he aims to “help listeners find the energy they need to take action and to provide the tools they need to direct that action productively.”

When to Listen

Fortunately, there are already 12 episodes of EndoGenius featuring a wide variety of experts who share ways, paths, and ideas on how to take steps toward personal development. New episodes are available every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else you can listen to podcasts.

Growing and learning about ourselves never ends, but when we are stagnant or caught up in what we believe we should do versus what we love to do, we can end up living a life filled with anxieties and disappointments. “What I want listeners to take away from EndoGenius is that we are all on this journey together, and my guests and I are here to support them,” Nayel says. “With hope and effort, anything is possible.”

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  1. Well, just so this happens to be a time in my life that this is exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so excited to learn more on how to live my best life and improve my inner self!! Thank you ahead of time, it sounds like I’m going to love myself more for doing this for me and my family who deserve the best of me!

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