Kiss Bad Hair Days Goodbye With Kōv

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Having a bad hair day? You don’t have to settle for greasy, tangled, messy hair! Even when your hair isn’t cooperating, it can still look flawless, thanks to chic hair accessories from Kōv Essentials.

What makes Kōv different from other hair brands? In addition to its sleek, aesthetically pleasing products, the female-owned, Toronto-based company is on a mission to create environmentally sustainable products that are durable and inclusive to all hair types. The company gained recognition when it launched its first product: the Cloud Clip, a hair clip designed to hold up the thickest hair imaginable. Now, Kōv offers a variety of hair clips, pins, combs, and scrunchies to over 20,000 satisfied customers.

Kōv & Sustainability

Kōv’s entire lineup of hair accessories is made using cellulose acetate, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic that consists of synthetic fibers produced from plant derivatives such as wood, pulp, and cotton. In addition, every product goes through rigorous quality control. The products that don’t pass the examination are donated to a women’s shelter. Kōv is also taking additional steps to create compostable and biodegradable packaging and even has a carbon-offset option at checkout.

Kōv Bestsellers 

Cloud Clip ($24, shop here)

The Cloud Clip is ideal for anyone looking to throw their hair up and never think about it again. This clip is effortlessly chic, and it will instantly elevate your hair, no matter how long you’ve gone without washing it. The Cloud Clip is available in four shades – blonde tortoise, ivory, deep tortoise, and creme – and is ideal for medium-thick and medium-long hair. [Kōv suggests checking out the Luna Clip ($20, shop here) for fine, short hair or the Mega Clip ($27, shop here) for long, textured hair.]

Lush Comb ($22, shop here)

What’s worse than having unmanageable hair? Not having the proper tools to detangle it! Now you can detangle your strands with care with Kōv’s multifunctional Lush Comb. Suitable for hair types, the Lush Comb is great for evenly distributing hair products throughout your strands, plus the anti-static material means so that you won’t have unwanted flyaways while styling. It is also durable enough to keep in your shower or tossed in your bag when on the go.

Have you tried any of Kōv’s hair accessories? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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