5 Foods That Are Way Less Healthy Than You Think

Everyone knows you can’t just sit around eating junk food all the time, and it’s important to eat healthy—at least, on occasion. But what you may not know is that a lot of so-called “healthy” foods are actually bad for you. Learn more about 5 foods that aren’t nearly as healthy as most people think they are.

Whole Wheat Bread

You’re health-conscious. You make smart decisions. So of course you bypass the white bread and reach for the whole wheat, no matter what your taste buds might prefer. The truth is, whole wheat bread is sometimes packed with high fructose corn syrup and lots of other ingredients your body doesn’t really need. Find out what goes in your whole wheat bread, and you may learn that you could be making healthier eating decisions.


The health food aisle at the grocery store is full of granola bars in all kinds of delicious flavors, which seems like a great option when what you’re really craving is a candy bar. The truth is, a lot of those granola bars are almost as unhealthy as the candy bar. Granola bars are full of fat, sugar and oil. The granola-based cereals are just as bad. Before you buy, be sure to check the calories and nutritional information because that granola is probably loaded with unhealthy bites.

Gluten-Free Options

Even if you’re not a sufferer of celiac disease, you’ve probably tried a gluten-free cupcake, cake or some other tasty flour-free option. On the surface, this seems like a very healthy, sensible choice. Less flour means fewer calories, right? Wrong. Those gluten-free sweets are still loaded with sugar, which is gluten-free already, and there’s always something used in place of flour that can add up calories just as easily.

Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Packed with protein and full of flavor, peanuts seems like an incredibly healthy eating option. Peanut butter can’t be far behind, particularly when you can find it in low fat varieties. But look at the serving size. A single tablespoon of low fat peanut butter can pack a whopping 90 calories or more, and a tablespoon really isn’t very much when you attempt to put it on a slice of bread. Peanuts are just as bad, as they’re loaded with natural fats and calories.

Turkey Bacon and Burgers

Turkey is a famously lean meat, but does that mean it’s always healthier than beef or pork? This seems to be the philosophy behind turkey bacon and turkey burgers. The trouble is, turkey burgers are often loaded with oil to keep them moist, which means they have just as much fat as their beef counterparts. Turkey bacon is also full of sodium and saturated fat, which is just awful for you.

Faux Health Foods

There are lots of foods that have a reputation for being healthy, but you shouldn’t trust the health food hype alone. Don’t just trust what you’ve heard or what you think you know. Check your labels, and find out what to avoid on your own so you can eat truly healthy foods that really are good for you.

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