4 Ways to Flex Summer Fashion All Year Round

So half of your team is heading to the tropics for some sun & sand this season and you’re stuck at home continuing the daily grind: work, gym, laundry – repeat. Insert a little piece of R&R into your day-to-day through your style and fashion choices. Top of the list: with no winter wonderland in the mix (hello January!), leave your socks & boots at the door – or better yet, in the closet.

Even with the drop in temperature, embrace the season head-on by transitioning spring & summer fashion trends into winter wear. Tip: it’s all about learning how to layer sans the classic cardigan. For extra tips and tricks, check out the following ways to flex summer fashion all year round.

1. Keep Denim a Do

All summer-long the ripped & distressed denim look is on point. From frayed fun to holes through the knees, enhance the tear wear by adding a pair of nylons. Whether blue, black or pattern, stick to styling with a sheer material. Along with slipping into a pair of booties easy peasy, the layer will keep not only keep your feet warm but also hide your chipped toenail polish, because let’s be real, no one pays for a profesh pedi during the winter season. One more way to keep denim a do: head to a local thrift store or take a deep dive into your mom or pop’s closet to find a vintage vest.

2. Show a Little Extra Love for the Right One

Short, long, a little in-between action, sporting a sleeveless onesie is the only way to step up your summer style game. Swap catching rays for catching flakes by adding a tee, blouse or long-sleeve shirt under your favorite romper to create a more heavy and full outfit to match the winter weather. Don’t be afraid to rock a turtleneck to bundle up and add texture.

3. Double Up on the Ditch & Switch

Ditch your blanket scarf for a handkerchief scarf.

Switch your purse or handbag to a belt bag (also known as a fanny pack).

Put a twist on the traditional rules of accessorizing to shout out the summer days you’re ready and waiting for. As a bonus, you’ll avoid digging deep into your full-size tote bag to find your itty-bitty lip balm. Because there’s nothing more annoying than wasting time packing & unpacking your purse on repeat – other than suffering from dry lips.

4. On Point & In Color

While sticking to black & white and sporting neutral colors are traditional go-to’s during the long stretch of dark days, inject color into your winter wardrobe to up your mood and stand out. Trick: if you’re still working on your color blocking technique, start by applying a bright and bold lipstick.

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