Need Help Sticking with Your New Year’s Weight Loss Plan?

Nobody said that sticking to a weight-loss plan is easy. You may start out gung-ho but later feel that you’ve lost motivation along the way. You may blame yourself for lacking discipline. When you hit a low point, remember that you haven’t lost control.

Think of motivation as a skill that you can improve. Understanding what boosts weight loss motivation and what encourages discipline can also help you lose weight. You can set up an environment for success that will support your goals for healthier eating.

Recognize that you’ve lost motivation.

First thing is to admit to yourself that your motivation is fading and figure out why you may be bored, or why something has changed. Did your early-morning walking buddy drop out? Did your favorite yoga instructor leave your gym? Did you reach a point halfway through your goal and decide that it’s good enough?

Research new strategies.

Don’t feel bad if the things you’ve been relying on seem to have lost their effectiveness. Find a new plan that will put some spark back into your weight loss efforts. Experiment with new strategies but don’t feel that you must adopt the entire program. Dramatic changes aren’t necessary to reboot your weight loss motivation. A small change may be all you need. If intermittent fasting appeals to you, try restricting eating your meals to a 10-hour or 12-hour window. If the Mediterranean diet makes sense, ask friends if they have recipes they’d recommend.

Experiment with small steps.

If small attempts at a new plan revitalize your interest in losing weight, go deeper. Don’t lose hope if your experiment with a new strategy ultimately doesn’t work for you. Keep exploring different ideas as you look for one that will reignite your enthusiasm for your weight-loss efforts. Trying new things can be fun, and remember that you don’t have to commit to anything drastic.

Help yourself with schedules and planning.

Sometimes, what gets you to do the healthy thing is simply remembering to do it. The way to do that is a little planning ahead to set yourself up for success.

Let’s say a 4 o’clock afternoon munchies habit sends you every day to the office vending machine in search of whatever’s available. You know you’ll succumb to a salty or sugary snack. Get ahead of temptation by bringing an alternative healthy snack to work. Set an alarm for 3:45 p.m. to remind you the delicious snack is ready and waiting.

Recognizing what goes on behind the scenes with weight loss motivation and discipline can help you kickstart a new weight loss plan or keep you on track toward reaching your final goal.

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