12 Simple & Easy Self Care Ideas

It’s so easy to feel drained and burned out with the pressures of life. It may seem like all of your willpower is exerted during the day, and you don’t feel like doing anything when you get home.

Wouldn’t you love to kill two birds with one stone? We’re highlighting twelve different simple self-care ideas that you can incorporate into your day to improve your mental and physical wellbeing without actually doing anything substantial.

  1. Run a bubble bath. There’s something great about soaking in a bathtub and letting the beautiful scents of bath oil engulf you. Use this time to meditate and not think of anything but good feelings. It’s very rejuvenating.
  2. Hot shower. The feeling of hot water trickling down your legs from your head can be very relaxing. Use this shower to purge yourself of negative thoughts and ideas you may be harboring.
  3. Cry. Surprise you? One thing that’ll weigh you down is bottling up your emotions. Crying may not solve anything, but you may feel a little better after you do. So let the tears flow if you need to let them out.
  4. Forgive yourself. It’s okay to feel guilty, but what isn’t okay is when you keep sulking in the guilt. Forgive yourself and take a breather. Tomorrow is a new day.
  5. Write. Writing out your emotions, struggles, or memories on paper is a great self-care tip.
  6. Cook. You may not be cut out for this one, but that doesn’t dismiss its therapeutic properties. Cooking helps release endorphins, so try cooking yourself a nice meal.
  7. Take deep breaths. This calming technique will let you take a step back from stress in your life.
  8. Pet an animal. Interacting with animals, like a cat or a dog, will help drop your blood pressure and ultimately reduce your stress.
  9. Get a salon treatment. From hair to nails, let the pressure of another person’s hands relieve yours.
  10. Go outside. Find a spot that has the elements of nature you enjoy, and relax in the fresh air.
  11. Sleep. Sleep is an excellent rejuvenating and self-care activity that leaves you relaxed.
  12.  Live. Rather than exist or survive, go through each day being present in every moment.

Self-care is essential as it replenishes energy, curiosity, and strength. It gives you the ability to carry on, so try one of the 12 tips above to rejuvenate yourself.

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