3 Reasons Why a New Year’s Resolution is So Last Year

The classic marketing tagline: new year, new you has recently transformed into the hashtag combo: #newyear #sameme. Whether personal or professional, the trendy consumer of today – and especially centennials and millennials are no longer falling for the need to set a resolution (or three) based on the flip calendar. Replacing the annual tradition, many individuals are choosing to set goals and/or journal on an ongoing basis. Top of mind: issues related to self-care, mental health, personal development and professional achievement.

Let’s change the conversation to an all year round convo.

Check out the following reasons why making a New Year’s resolution is so last year.

1. Keeping Tradition is Old & Overrated

Depending on the tradition (hello Friendsmas!), routine on repeat is old af. The classic list of resolutions including losing weight, saving money, limiting screen time, curbing procrastination and spending more time with family and friends is in need of a makeover (no beauty tips necessary). With the majority of introductory gym-goers falling off the cardio sessions, weight-lifting program and protein shake eats & treats (figuratively) within a short period of time, many people end up feeling like a failure because of the making of a resolution.

There is no need to force yourself to fit in a spin class or fit into an old pair of jeans. Beyond purchasing a gym membership or improving your style game, young(er) ones are practicing a healthy, active lifestyle on the regular. Understanding the benefits of exercising, stopping (or cutting down) smoking and indulging in junk food – beyond losing a few pounds – centennials and millennials are more interested in swapping dieting for doing good (for themselves and others). As opposed to temporary, this shift mentality leads to permanent change.

2. Dealing with Change is Not Always a Win

For some (my hand is up high to the sky), dealing with change is difficult. Depending on the scale of the resolution, it can be hard to handle new. If changing a career path or cutting ties with an old friend or flame is part of the plan, it’s important to make it happen only once you’re ready to completely let go – on your time and at your own pace. While it’s a good idea to seek advice from friends and family about the matter, the final decision is all up to you. Tip of the day: trust your gut. Start the year with a fresh mindset and clear schedule.

3. Making a Resolution is All About Dress & Stress

Come the first week of January, we’re inundated with seasonal style trends (more than usual). From blogs and articles to videos and shows, the pressure is on to pull off the power suit, spend money on a stylish wardrobe and update your look. It’s all about fitting in and following the crowd based on a date, when the same you should be considering ways to stand out. The tagline of the year: you do you, boo. Forget about the pressure of perfecting every aspect of your life because it’s likely that you’ve already achieved a work life balance thats all your own. So keep on killing it.

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