3 Ways to Get a Whiter Smile with One Home Treatment

When something important comes up at the last minute and you need to look amazing for it—like, yesterday—do a quick teeth whitening treatment at home. A home whitening treatment may not be as effective as going to the dentist, but in a pinch, it can make your smile more dazzling.  These natural home whitening tips will also help keep your smile whiter all month long.

Make a Mean Mouthwash

If you really need whiter teeth and you’re in a bind, reach for some apple cider vinegar. It is naturally antibacterial and it whitens teeth. There’s just one problem: apple cider vinegar is so strong, it can soften enamel. Use this as a quick last resort only, and don’t use it often. If you try this as a daily whitener, there will be damage to your teeth over time. But on those rare emergency occasions, dilute it with water and use as a mouthwash. Swish it all around your mouth for a couple minutes, spit and rinse, and you will see a whiter smile.

Rub and Brush

Want whiter teeth? Start by eating a banana. This is a healthy snack that won’t harm teeth, but that’s not why you’re eating it. It’s the peel you are going for. Rub the peel all over your teeth. This sounds strange, but the minerals in banana peels are also found in whitening products because they bleach stains. Let the banana residue sit on your teeth for about 10 minutes and then brush with a paste of lemon juice and baking soda. Lemon juice is acidic, and baking soda is abrasive. Together, these two ingredients make a natural whitening toothpaste.

This method will make your smile whiter quickly, but you shouldn’t repeat this method more than once a week. The acidity in lemon juice breaks down enamel, and shouldn’t be used regularly. However, making this toothpaste once every three months can help your smile stay white without causing damage to your teeth.

Strawberry Mash

This is a particularly tasty tooth whitening method that couldn’t be more simple. Get strawberries and mash them up, then place the mash on the surface of your teeth. Let it stay for about 5 minutes, rinse and brush teeth with regular toothpaste. The natural acids in strawberries will whiten your smile, but use this method sparingly. Applying strawberries more than once a week can harm tooth enamel.

One Day Whitening

When you can’t get to the dentist to have a whitening treatment or a cleaning performed, head to the fridge and see what you already have that you can use for a whiter smile. At home whitening treatments work, and they can be a perfect solution when you don’t have time to prepare but you know you want to be stunning. Take your smile up a notch with these simple at home treatments. 

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