2 Simple Ways to Start Eating More Plants

When you think about eating plants, you probably think about salads full of green leaves or a veggie and dip platter at your neighbor’s shindig. Plants have a way of looking unappetizing and sometimes they don’t really taste so great either. But there are ways to add more plants to your diet that are surprisingly delicious. 

Make Vegetable Noodles

If you love pasta but would like to be a little more heart healthy, integrate healthy veggies into your meal with vegetable noodles. All you need is a vegetable slicer to spiralize zucchini, carrots, cucumber, you name it. The vegetable noodles will add new texture and taste to any pasta dish, and help you cut back on all those carbs. Try to work your way up to eating just veggie noodles and you can cut those heavy, starchy pastas out of your diet completely.

Put Spinach Leaves in Everything

Get some fresh spinach leaves and get ready to add them to everything. Throw some leaves in your omelets, add a handful to your soup, or mince some up and put them in your sauces. Once you get used to adding spinach to an array of meals, it will come natural. Spinach leaves are tasty and they’re packed with protein and nutrients, so it’s a great way to add veggies without adding a lot of extra calories to your diet.

Eat More Plants

Start eating more plants every day to start getting more healthy nutrients with all your meals. Swap out the red meat on your burgers to a plant based patty, replace pasta noodles with veggie noodles, and inject extra antioxidants into everything you eat to make a healthier you. Little changes and daily swaps like this will help you form the basis of a diet that helps you stay at a healthy weight.

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  1. Excellent article! It’s about time someone spoke up about all the benefits of a vegetarian based diet. I used to live on red
    meat, Steak Tartar (raw ground beef) was my favorite dish in the world. Then I lived with a chef who was also vegan.
    He made some incredible yet simple dishes. My energy level skyrocketed, I never felt hungry and weight gain was a thing
    of the past. Well done Rethink Beautiful!

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