Two New Words in the Dating Dictionary

Two new words have entered the vocabulary of dating: “benching” and “freckling.” Benching is a sports metaphor indicating that a person who has expressed interest in a potential dating partner is slowing the relationship because they’ve found better options, or the timing may be wrong. The person who initiated the romance is placing the other person “on the bench.”

The reason for benching is usually another relationship. If someone is not prioritizing you, you should match their interest level, pull back and invest in other things—yourself or a different partner, psychologists recommend. Don’t invest in someone who is not investing in you.

Freckling is another word for a summer romance or fling. It’s short-term romance that can be fun for each partner if both understand the intentions. You’ve found a great partner for enjoying the summer, but this probably isn’t someone you want for a lasting commitment.

If both people in this relationship are looking for an easy summer romance, then freckling don’t have to be hurtful. People can learn a lot about themselves through these relationships.

These words “benching” and “freckling” may be new, but the actions aren’t. They may be more common in these days of online dating, but “benching” and “freckling” took place before there were words for them.

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