Before You Start The Search for an Agent

A talent agent is looking for a child who is marketable, and you are looking for an agent who is the right fit to represent your child. Taking care of some basics demonstrates marketability. Showing an agent that your child has some training and work experience is an important first step. Signing up with a casting service proves that your child has a presence in the industry. Here are some steps that will help you prepare to find the right agent and avoid questionable ones.

The absolute essential is preparing a resume for your child and taking some headshots. These are the necessities you’ll need to register with basic casting services. These companies provide connection between casting directors and actors for their projects. Once you’ve signed up with a casting service, you’ll find uploading resume and headshots is easy. Be prepared to list the child’s skills on the website’s form.

Casting services such as Actor’s Access, Casting Networks and Backstage will help you find auditions that might even lead to jobs for your child. Your child will gain valuable beginning experience at auditioning.

Signing up for a casting service could lead quickly to auditions, and auditions can lead to jobs. Don’t get caught unprepared without the right paperwork. You don’t have to get a work permit or set up a Coogan account before you start looking for an agent, but you’ll avoid a great deal of stress if you complete these first.

Beginning actors need to prepare for their first auditions by memorizing at least two monologues. One should be drama and the other comedy. Monologues should be appropriate for your child’s age. Since most are written for adult actors, finding the right monologue book can take some searching. Look for monologues from a TV show, a film or a play.

A child who can sing and dance as well as act shows additional marketable skills. Children prepared with a song or short dance routine will attract more attention at auditions.


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