These 5 Things Will Show You That You’re Too Good Fro Him

Let’s face it, sometimes a guy is just no good for you. Sure, relationships go up and down and no one’s perfect, but if you find yourself becoming a door mat, then it’s time to reevaluate where you are.  Take a look at these 5 signs that you’re too good for the guy you’re with.

He never plans anything in advance, it’s always on you: Do you always have to plan every little thing? Granted, some people aren’t great at planning things. They are more “play it by ear” kind of people. And, that’s okay. But be watchful as well, this could be a recipe for laziness and a sign that he wont’ take initiative on anything in a relationship.

You never know when he’ll text or call back: If you text him or call him and you never know when he’ll get back in touch with you (minutes, hours, days…) then it’s safe to say you’re not on the top of his priority list.

He texts other people back right away: Now, when you’re with him if you notice that he promptly responds every time his phone vibrates, rings or lights up, then you  know for sure that you’re not a top priority on his list.

You have a savings account and he’s a frivolous spender: This may seem harmless at first, but the more serious you become, this can become a huge problem when you’re trying to save and he’s a big spender.

He never considers you: Be cautious if he makes decisions that will effect the both of you without thinking of you, consulting with you or asking your opinion.

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