Plan a Romantic Evening with Your Partner

Date nights are important to keep romance in your relationship. Planning a special “just because” evening shows your husband that you care and gives you a chance to enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of day-to-day life. Focus on togetherness and you’ll bring back the memory of your first attraction to each other.

Ask grandparents or friends to take care of your children. An overnight sleepover would be optimum so that you and your partner have the house all to yourselves.

Make it a phone-free night. Leave your phone on the charger and ignore the texts and notifications. Nothing says “I love you” like enjoying each other’s presence without the constant interruption of technology.

Plan to wear an outfit that makes you feel especially beautiful and comfortable for the evening. Consider choosing something that evokes a special memory for you both.

Set the mood with background music that is relaxing. Romantic songs from when you were dating would be especially romantic. Soft love songs or jazz music also create the right feeling.

If you’re eating at home, either prepare dinner in advance so that you won’t feel rushed at the last minute or order takeout from his favorite restaurant. Choose wine to complement the food and make the meal special.

Add candles to heighten the romantic mood. Lead candles to your bedroom, but to prevent accidental fires, you can use flickering fake candles instead of real ones.

Plan an after-dinner activity. Watching a romantic movie together is a good excuse to cuddle and it’ll strengthen your bond. Go for a quiet walk together.

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