4 Romantic Winter Activities to Try

Winter can feel like a bit of a drag. The days are gloomy, the daylight hours are shorter, the temperatures are colder. But winter is a great time of year to connect with a romantic partner. Get romantic this winter with some activities that will bring the two of you closer together.

Ice Skating

It’s a little bit corny, but isn’t the whole winter season? Why not spend an afternoon enjoying a traditional winter activity like ice skating? There are lots of places open for ice skating during winter months, so bundle up and get out there on the ice together. It’s okay if you’ve never done it before. Bumping into each other and falling down together can be a fun bonding experience, even if you end up a little sore.

Movie/TV Marathon

Set out some snacks, get some soft blankets and snuggle together on the couch for a movie or TV marathon. Streaming services make it easy to do this, and you can easily knock out a whole film series or an entire season of a show in a single long evening together.

Whiskey or Wine Tasting

Drive away the winter chill with a little whiskey or wine. Go to a tasting event together. Lots of bars and shops host tasting events, particularly in winter months when everyone is looking for indoor activities to try.

Bake Cookies

Winter is full of sweet treats, so why not spend an evening baking together? This can be a very fun bonding experience. Get some aprons, pick a recipe to try and start baking. The two of you can share a lot of laughs while you mix, crack eggs and decorate.

A Romantic Winter

Find ways to connect with your romantic interest this winter. Get closer by trying new things together and spending time staying warm in the cold weather. Winter is a great time to learn more about each other, and a great season for long, romantic evenings.

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