“Infla-Dating” and Other New Dating Terminology

The dating world is constantly evolving, bringing new terminology and trends. Today, we’ll examine some of the latest dating terms, such as “infla-dating,” and give you advice on how to navigate them.

The Development of Internet Dating

A term that has recently gained popularity is infla-dating, which is the act of dating someone only to enhance one’s ego or self-esteem. It entails entering into a romantic relationship for the attention and affirmation it offers rather than because of true passion or emotional connection. It’s crucial to be aware of this tendency and ensure that your romantic relationships are built on mutual respect and authenticity.

Ghosting and Haunting

Although these dating terms are not new, they are still widely used. Ghosting is abruptly breaking off all contact with a person you’ve been dating without explanation or resolution. On the other hand, haunting is the term used for when a person who previously ghosted you reappears in your life and continues to show some interest without ever expressing a desire to start a relationship. It’s critical to detect these habits and prioritize open and honest communication because ghosting and haunting may be emotionally taxing.


While in a committed relationship, retaining a backup partner or other potential partners is known as cushioning. It ensures you have a backup plan to “cushion” the blow and lessen the impact of a breakup. Although cushioning can serve as emotional insurance, the primary connection may suffer, and trust may be lost.


Another dating phrase that has become more common recently, particularly in the age of dating apps, is benching. It alludes to pursuing other potential romantic interests while keeping someone on the back burner or the “bench.” Benchers will sporadically communicate with the person they are benching to keep them interested while maintaining a safe distance. If you suspect you’re being benched, express your wants and expectations to the other person. Ultimately, you should want someone who values and respects your time and feelings.

Slow Dating

Slow dating is a trend that stresses taking the time to get to know someone in more depth (in contrast to the fast-paced world of online dating and casual hookups). It entails establishing a bond through sincere exchanges of information and life experiences and giving the relationship time to grow. Slow dating promotes a more deliberate dating method, emphasizing quality over quantity. By slow dating, you allow yourself to forge an authentic connection and lay the groundwork for a lasting and satisfying relationship.

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