You’ve Got the Look

Your Health

When you become involved in the world of talent and modeling, it’s important to remember that the roles offered are not one size fits all.  It is important to look and feel natural and healthy. This means that getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and being active are components to having a healthy lifestyle and career in the industry. One recommendation is to visit your family doctor and have them assess your frame size and optimal BMI (Body Mass Index). By knowing your own body inside and out, you will have a better understanding of how you can be the healthiest you, which is the most beautiful you. Also, be sure to remember that your body will be changing naturally throughout your growth years. Establishing healthy diet and exercise habits early on are  great choices to make when you’re starting out, both in your career and your life. The modeling industry is a huge world filled with many different looks and styles so don’t worry about trying to drastically change your body to fit anyone’s definition of beautiful.

Your Niche

The modeling and talent industry embraces all different looks. An important aspect of successfully acquiring modeling and talent jobs requires knowing your look and skills to be able to sort out who is out there looking for your look and personality! Do some research on the different types of talent and modeling, think about where you feel you fit in best, and try booking those jobs! There are also certain modeling and talent jobs that are for certain body and personality types. Runway models, for instance, are typically a certain required minimum height, so if you don’t reach that height requirement, you can still apply for print modeling and many more modeling opportunities. If there is a comedy gig, and you are shy in front of an audience, you could take some classes to help you become a stand up comedian. You should always be prepared for the job you are submitting for. Many jobs don’t require experience, but it is helpful to have some knowledge about what job type you are submitting for!

Your Portfolio

A portfolio can be a gateway to discovery. If you are new to the industry, a portfolio may consist of some of your favorite clear photos of yourself, any experience you may have, your name and stats (measurements and traits). If you have any specialized training for the industry, it is important to include that as well. As your career grows, your portfolio will naturally build and expand. There are many options for portfolio books. Many can be expensive to create, so it’s important to research what you will need for the jobs you are applying for. If you are just starting out you might not need professional photographs. When you feel you know what photos you need to best represent yourself, reaching out to a new photographer who will do a trade with you for experience could be just the ticket. Finding someone who has experience shooting modeling portfolios is also a great option. Casting Made Simple is here to help you develop your online portfolio with photos you already have, or will have. Thanks to our platform this is as easy as 123!

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