Tips on Finding the Best Photographer for Headshots

The headshot is a first chance to get casting directors and agencies excited about working with your child. You’re going to invest a considerable amount of money in headshots, so be smart in finding the right photographer.

Find a professional photographer who specializes in headshots. Don’t go to the kiosk in the mall. Ask friends and contacts in the business for recommendations. Search for photographers online and take a look at their websites or portfolios for insight into their artistic style. Leading hometown photographers who specialize in portraits for corporate officers and weddings are a good place to start your search.  One online headshot retouching and printing company that offers portfolio books to help you choose is Reproductions.

Once you’ve found a good candidate, make an appointment for a consultation and see how the photographer interacts with the child. The photographer has to make your child feel very comfortable in order to draw out personality and expression. Feeling at ease on the day of the shoot will allow your child to be himself and let the photographer capture his true essence. It’s authenticity that will make the casting the director, agent or director want to meet your child.

You’re looking for a photographer who will bring out the best in your child. A comfortable child will feel good about the way she looks, and her excitement will make it easier for the photographer to get the shots that reveal true personality. The headshot should look like the child on a good day. Make sure your child is comfortable with the clothes you’ve picked out for the shoot. The hairstyle should be natural, and hair should be clean.

A good professional photographer will coach the child in posing for the headshot. They’ll choose the right lighting and the best angles. If you see headshots you like when you’re looking through the photographer’s portfolio, point them out to the photographer. Ask if the photographer can use that lighting for your child’s shots.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the way the headshot looks, don’t settle for portraits you don’t like. The professional photographer will be happy to work with you to get the look you want.

The headshot you need will not come cheap. Some of the best photographers charge as much as $1,000 to $1,200. But if you are serious about this essential marketing tool, consider the expense an investment in your child’s career. This is the photo you’ll use to introduce your child to every casting director and agency for the next couple of years, and appearances count.

Choosing a photographer who charges the lowest price may not get the professional quality you need for your child’s portrait. If the cheapest price yields headshots you don’t want to show around town, you’ve wasted money and time. You’ll just have to get them shot again. But, don’t think you have to pay top dollar to get quality work. Find the best and most consistent photographer for your budget, and then ask them to work with you until you are absolutely satisfied. The right pros will offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied they’ve given you the perfect headshot.

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