Real Reason Why There Was An Empty Seat On Front Row At The Royal Wedding

There was a noticeable empty seat next to Prince William at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, and many people speculated whether it was in honor of Princess Diana.

Though it would’ve been a beautiful gesture, that just wasn’t the case. That empty seat was actually left there, so the queen could clearly see without anyone obstructing her view.

While the reserved seat wasn’t there to honor Harry and William’s mother, the royal couple did find another way to honor the late Princess Diana. They used their floral arrangement as a tribute to her. It was filled with branches of beech, birch, hornbeam and white garden roses, which was one of Diana’s favorite flowers.

White roses were widely known as Diana’s favorite flower and there are still many plated at the Kensington Palace today.

Another way the royal couple chose to honor Harry’s mother was by including forget-me-nots in Meghan’s bouquet. Forget-me-nots were also widely known as one of Diana’s favorite flowers.

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