The world of Talent Agents, Casting Companies and Casting Made Simple

A talent agent, or booking agent, is a person who finds jobs through casting agencies for their signed actors, models, musicians, singers, and others in various entertainment or broadcast businesses.  An agent defends, supports and promotes the interest of their clients.  A good agent has the ear of several of the top local brands and agencies, and connects the talent to as many projects and auditions as they can during their 1-2 year contract.  Now, you don’t need to sign with an agent as you and your child explore this industry, because our CMS platform acts as a virtual agent without taking a percentage fee of each of the jobs booked.  CMS helps you in the process to become a star by getting the castings directly to you, on a low monthly membership basis to use our platform, and individually verifying the authenticity of all the companies, agencies, and agents we have on the platform to help you find the right connection.  Casting Made Simple does not require any sort of contract to work solely with us, meaning you can book any job you want and keep all of your profits, no strings attached.

A talent agency is the company that hires the talent agents talked about above to book talent for jobs.  There are specialty agencies for each type of talent as well.  For example, there are modeling agencies, commercial talent agencies, literary agencies, voice-over agencies, broadcast journalist agencies, sports agencies, music agencies and many more.

A casting agency also works as another middleman between talent and talent agencies, but casting agencies do not represent the talent.  Casting agencies go to talent agencies and Casting Made Simple to find models and actors for upcoming casting opportunities.

Parents should be involved in every aspect of their child’s career, and act as the gatekeeper to any agency.  Even when taking advantage of CMS’s video casting calls and auditions, parents or guardians should always be present when their child is communicating in real time with anyone on our platform.  As a parent, it’s up to you to be supportive and aware to help keep them safe and on the right path to success.

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