Is Your Child Ready to Do the Work?

Acting professionally sounds like fun, but is your child ready to do the work? Pursuing acting as a career demands time and money spent on classes and travel to auditions and workshops. Before you invest in pursuing an acting career for your child, ask yourself these questions:

Who wants this for your child? If your young performer is the one who is asking for an agent, her interest can be a clue. If it’s the parents rather than the child who wants to go out for auditions, that’s also a sign.

Does your child create skits at home and perform for family and friends? If the young singer uses a hairbrush as a microphone and practices in front of the bedroom mirror, pay attention.

If an acting class is the one thing your child wants for a present, he or she may be headed in the direction of professionally pursuing a job. If your child studies to learn lines and works on memorizing scripts, there’s another hint. If your child is willing to devote time to practicing when he or she could be playing with friends, your child may be ready for show business.


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