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As newcomers to this industry, you will come to realize that passion is just as important as talent.  Passion is a strong emotion.  It is what will make your child stand out in a crowd, and give them the commitment to overcome any setbacks they might encounter

Talk to your child about what interests and hobbies excite them.  Take inventory of the things they are passionate about and what they think about day and night.  Is there something that they simply could not live without?

If you can pinpoint a few things that your child is passionate about and incorporate them into their talent career, they will likely be successful.  Filling out the “About Me” section in your child’s CMS profile can be a starting point to discuss your child’s hobbies and interests outside of the talent world.  This will give you and your child valuable insight into who they are, so that together you can find the intersection between the talent industry and other passions in their life.  This profile also helps future employers and casting agents see how your child’s personality and interests line up with the role that they are seeking to fill.

One of the easiest connections between passion for the talent industry and other hobbies could be sports.  Does your child enjoy soccer, baseball, basketball?   Having experience in, and passion for, that sport makes it more likely that a sports company looking for talent would love to have your child work for them.  Because they are already familiar with the techniques and terminology, and have that added touch of passion, your child will stand out.  Modeling for sports apparel companies and shooting promotional ads for local teams would be a great entry into the talent business for your child.  Seeing their talent work come to fruition in context of their favorite hobby will spur their interest to find similar opportunities.

Another obvious connection would be if your child were passionate about fashion in general. Perhaps they have dreams of becoming a designer?  This passion will help motivate them to learn everything there is to learn about the fashion industry, and in turn, make them a better model.

Being successful is far more than just making a decent paycheck, and more than being well known.  Successful people are successful because, no matter what it is they do, they have found a way to turn their passion into their career.

If your child finds themself daydreaming about kicking a soccer ball around or designing their own fashion brand, then tie those dreams and passions into their work in the talent world.


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