Finding the Right Audition Materials for Young Actors

Where can young actors find a great monologue or scene for their upcoming audition or acting reel? It’s not just child actors trying to land professional jobs who need unique pieces to showcase their talents and personality. Students auditioning for middle school and high school performing arts programs also must be ready with a monologue. With talent agents and casting directors looking for kids who have training and experience, acceptance into a school program is important in a young performer’s career. Young performers will want to make a strong bid to enter school programs, and the right audition material can help.

While most schools require pieces from published plays, some will allow students to choose material from movies or books. Begin by reading plays and screenplays as well as going to theater and movies. Look for well-developed, relatable characters. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect audition monologue.

Start by attending the theater. 

Great theater isn’t confined just to New York. Every community offers some kind of theatrical experience. Area colleges mount productions by their theater departments. Local theater groups frequently rely on classic plays. Regional centers attract traveling Broadway road shows.

Watch movies.  
You can find both old and new films on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Parents can suggest movies they’ve seen with young characters and story lines portraying a child’s or teenager’s experiences.

Find age-appropriate material. 
Choosing powerful yet age-appropriate material for younger actors can require quite a search to find something in the G or PG range. Be cautious about dialogue that is too raw. You don’t want material that is not suitable for auditions and class work or that overshadows the performance.

Look for playwrights who write for younger audiences.  
Bakers Plays and Playscripts both offer great material for young audiences with their publications of new plays and musicals.

Attend classes and workshops.    
Acting classes and one-day workshops by master teachers will expose you to new material you might find suitable.


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