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Prepare your child for success! Modeling? Acting? Singing? What interests your child, and what type of talent work would your child like to be involved in? Whatever your child endeavors to do in life, it is bound to be an interesting and unforgettable journey. As a parent, it’s up to you to provide a safety net and gentle reminders to help your child achieve success. The input and experience you provide is invaluable on your child’s journey in the talent world.  Support, encourage, and advise them, but don’t push too hard.  Your child may already have the confidence and personality to seek out the talent industry; all you have to do is help guide them!

You may know your kids better than anyone else.  This will help when discussing and expanding their interests that they already express.  Encouraging your kids towards the path that you think suits them can be constructive and proactive for their journey, but always remember that they need to love what they are doing as well.  Exploring the fun and creative side of the industry can open them up to new possibilities, allowing them to take the first steps into the industry of their own volition. Do they love dancing? Sign them up for dance classes! Introduce your kids to theater, music, art, and as many other creative outlets you are willing to show them, and let their interests lead them on their path.

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