Unique Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

Picking out a baby boy’s name is no easy task! Below, you’ll find some unique boy names and their meanings. Plus, we’ve included some reference links with more great options. You’re welcome!

Ideas from Pampers

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You may know this name from The Little Mermaid, but St. Sebastian was a martyr in the third century. It also means “venerable” in Greek.


With origins somewhat unknown, Silas either comes from “Silvanus,” meaning “wood forest,” or from the Hebrew name Saul, meaning “prayed for.”


A great choice for a biblical name with a twist, Aziel means “God is my strength.”


Often abbreviated as Marcel, Marcellus means “young warrior” in Latin.


Short and simple, it originates from the Middle English name for “small bird.” It can be elongated to the name Wrenley.

Ideas from Parade

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A color may come to mind, but look up this greenish-blue color before you judge it. The beauty behind “Cyan” will envelop onlookers.


A Native American-originated option that means “people of the standing rock.”


It may be a town in the United States, but it also has a very peaceful ring to it. This English name means “deer’s meadow.”


Instead of the more popular name Kendrick, go with Kendrix, which means “greatest champion.”


It means “pebbly place,” but it comes with a cute nickname: Cal.

Ideas from Fatherly

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Old English roots will tell you that “Alvin” means “noble friend.”


Another English-rooted name, it means “fuller of cloth.” Is anyone thinking of Walker Texas Ranger right about now?


“Park keeper” is the meaning behind the name, but Warren has diverse roots from all over Europe.


Hebrew and Greek cultures embrace the name Jericho, which means “city of moon.”


The boy may learn to love or hate mountains. In Old English, it means just what you think it means: “top of a mountain or hill.”


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