The Latest Home Design Color Trends

It’s 2024, and we are eager to learn what interior design colors are trending. Do homeowners prefer neutral tones? Are they leaning toward soothing light variations? Or are they looking for brighter, more vibrant choices? Keep reading to find out!

Cracked Pepper by Behr

(image via house beautiful via behr)

Light neutrals are so last year! This year has brought in variations of the color (or lack thereof) black. We are seeing a take on darker tones, like Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year, Cracked Pepper. Though this may seem out of the ordinary, it can actually be refreshing. Time will tell whether this new trend will remain a versatile and timeless take on interiors.

Upward by Sherwin-Williams

(image via better homes & gardens via sherwin-williams)

Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year, Upward, is a light and delicate shade that automatically makes a space serene, offering a calmness to all who enter. Plus, it’s easy to decorate – just incorporate earthy tones and greenery to enhance the space.

Peach Fuzz by Pantone

(image via hgtv via robert peterson, rustic white photography)

Coral is a beautiful spring color, but it is sometimes too lively for interior living spaces. That’s why Pantone decided to tone it down in 2024 by offering a softer variation, Peach Fuzz, inspiring homeowners to embrace a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Limitless by PPG

(image by architectural digest via ppg)

If you combine the colors honey and beige, you get Limitless by PPG. This exquisite shade can act as a neutral – but with more personality! It’s great for walls, cabinets, and accent furniture if you’re looking for that extra oomph.

Viridis by Graham & Brown

(image via elle decor via graham & brown)

Green almost always makes the color trend lineup, and there’s no stray from the norm in 2024. The favorite sage variation, Viridis, was chosen by Graham & Brown as its Color of the Year for a few reasons. The first is due to its warm undertones and ability to act as a darker neutral. The second is because the shade can blend the outdoors with the indoors, adding depth to rooms that not many paint colors can.

All Shades of Pink

(image via house beautiful via kevin miyazaki)

What was once thought to be a girly color is now sprucing up homes left and right. Who doesn’t love a soft mauve with a hint of gold? It’s a great way to incorporate elegance into a hallway or living space. Just add some extravagant paintings, and it’ll feel royal!

Which of these 2024 color trends is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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