Matching Tattoo Ideas to Get With Your Best Friend

Do you remember the “best friend” necklaces you had when you were younger? Well, now that you’re older, there’s a more complex way to tell your best friend you love them: through matching tattoos! Looking for some inspiration? Allow us to help!

Sun & Moon

(image via byrdie via instagram)

This duo is for pals who are opposites. The moon represents a darker personality or a night owl, and the sun represents a lighter personality or an early bird. Go with basic linework, or get something more detailed with shadowing and hints of color.

Matching Scripts

(image via cosmopolitan via instagram)

A shared love for a specific quote or song lyrics will symbolize your relationship. Get matching fonts and placements to be totally in sync.

Pinkie Swear 

(image via women’s health via instagram)

A tried-and-true best friend tattoo: the pinkie swear. Either both of you get the entire pinkie promise, or you each get a part of it. If you do the latter, it looks like each tattoo completes the other.


(image via oprah daily)

For something a little less conventional, consider a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you and your BFF go together like PB&J, this is a great option.

Anime Characters

(image via byrdie via instagram)

A unique twist to a best friend tattoo would be your favorite cartoon or anime characters. Make them colorful so they pop just like they would on screen! The best part about this option is matching exactly is not necessary.

Heart Hand

(image via women’s health via instagram)

Another rendition of the pinkie promise, the heart hand is a sentimental tattoo. If you want to take it one step further, make the hands as similar to your actual hands as possible. Tattoo artists can work wonders, after all!

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