Is Getting an Invisible Electric Fence a Good Idea for Your Pup?

Should you get an invisible electric fence for your dog? The answer is: It depends. Sometimes it depends on the dog; other times, it depends on the owner. That’s why we’re here, to talk about what you should consider before making the decision.

How Does an Electric Fence Operate?

An invisible fence transmits energy from a home base transmitter device to a receiver attached to your dog’s collar. The fence has electrically charged wires about 3-4 inches underground surrounding the property edges, and when your dog approaches those edges, a sort of signal is sent out to the collar to dissuade them from crossing. Often, you can choose what kind of signal is sent, ranging from a shock to a high-pitched tone.

The word “shock” may startle you, but it’s more of a vibration. And it is not meant to harm your dog. It’s simply meant to prevent them from crossing the barrier. Do dogs like feeling this sensation? No, not particularly, but they’re also not in any pain when it happens.

What Are the Pros of an Electric Fence?

An electric fence will keep wandering dogs to a minimum. They will be secure and safe inside the confines of your yard. Knowing your furry friend can’t go onto the street or hop over to the neighbor’s yard can be very comforting.

An electric fence can also be cost-efficient, ranging from $200 to $1,500. Traditional wooden fences can be pricier and may come with a long lead time for installation. A boatload of problems can also arise, like slanted land or conflicting property lines. An electrical fence omits those issues, and you won’t ever have to worry about “closing the gate” every time you leave the yard!

What are the Cons of an Electric Fence?

Some dog owners will tell you that electric fences don’t work for them. This can be true if the dog doesn’t register the alerts when approaching the edge of the yard. Some dogs will go as far as crossing the barrier because the stimulation doesn’t do anything to stop them. In cases like these, an electric fence would not be helpful and could put your dog in danger of running away or getting hit by a car.

You may also need to keep an eye on the battery life of your dog’s electric collar. If the battery dies, they will no longer feel or hear the warning signs of the electric fence.

What Else Should You Consider Before Installing an Electric Fence?

Like any other big purchase, you’ll want to consider whether this is the right move compared to traditional fences. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What square footage do you need to be covered?
  • Will underground terrain cause any issues when it comes time to install?
  • How many pets will you have roaming the allotted area?
  • Do you prefer underground fences, hybrid, or invisible fencing options?

Have you invested in an electric fence for your dog? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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