Freelance Sites That Can Bring in Extra Income

Some full-time incomes are just not cutting it anymore, which means a side gig for some extra cash may be starting to sound like a good idea. But how do you know where to start looking? Which jobs are legit and worth your time and effort? Here are some freelance job sites that can help you get on a better financial path – at least while we ride this inflation wave.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys will pay you to have an opinion – literally! All you have to do is answer a few short questions about yourself, and the platform will match you up with survey options. Don’t jump ahead of the curve, though. You won’t be buying your next Ferrari with a Branded Surveys account, but you will collect points every time you complete a survey. One point equals one cent, so if you do a 150-point survey, you’ll make $1.50. After $5, you can withdraw funds to PayPal. Take a few surveys every night during your downtime and rack up the dough. By the end of the week, you could have an extra $40 in your bank account for just a few minutes of your time.

Go Transcript

If you’ve ever been in a courtroom, you’ve probably seen a transcriptionist in the corner typing away. Their job is to listen to what’s being said and type it out as written records. And now, you can do it, too! Sign up with a site like Go Transcript, where clients send audio files for you to transcribe. This can include videos, phone calls, audio notes, and much more. We highly suggest taking this on if you have a good ear and quick fingers.


Did anyone say affiliate marketing? This requires you to sell someone else’s products or services on your own platform, earning you a commission from every sale you make. You have to be committed to affiliate marketing; it’s not something you can dabble in from time to time, especially not at first. To get your affiliate platform up and running smoothly, sign up with ClickBank. If you’re already an influencer, earning that passive income will be even easier.


Students of all ages need tutors, which is why sites like Preply exist. What’s more, this is a job you can pick up whether you’re a student, working part-time, or have a full-time job. Select your topic of expertise and start tutoring today. There’s even an area to sign up for exam preparation. Whatever you excel in, use it to your advantage and start teaching others. It’s a win-win!


Many employers use Upwork to hire freelance writers and editors, but that’s not the only thing it’s good for. It allows you to offer a variety of services and skills to clients and employers. The best part is that you control your workflow, decide how and how much you get paid, and determine realistic turnaround times without repercussions. Upwork allows you to be your own boss 100% of the time. Browse projects and send in proposals for ones that intrigue you. Start up conversations and negotiate wages easily. The best part is that if you do the work and sign the contract, you’ll get paid every time! Upwork has its own insurance policy, so you’ll be in the clear as long as you complete the assignments.

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