How to Avoid Hibernation This Winter Season

With the change in the weather, it’s too easy to cuddle up or Netflix and chill for the rest of time. And by the rest of time, we mean until the snow is gone for good, tees are back in season and shorts are back on the rack. While we’re (kind of) exaggerating, but you get the point. When walking in from work in the dark, it’s hard to find the motivation to try something new or keep up with the old. For a round-up of ways to spend your time this winter, read on.

Whether out and about or in for the win, hanging solo or feeling social, it’s important to maintain mental and physical activity. By sticking to the norm and moving through the motions, you’ll come to count on mindless behavior to fill the clock. While there is a time and a place for scrolling down the screen, flicking on the remote or tuning into the beat, keep it casual. Depending on screen time to relieve stress or serve as an outlet isn’t always for the best.

Since the gym life isn’t for everyone (and it’s especially hard to drag yourself there mid-week in the winter), swap lifting weights for walking around the block. Bundle up and take the time to find pleasure in the small things like the feeling of the crisp, cold air on your face and the catching of flakes on your tongue. Establish a routine to pull your boots (back) on: take thirty to clear your mind (and belly) or meet up with a neighbor to walk and talk. For those with little ones (or furry ones), go for a hike or grab the toboggan. There’s nothing like throwing it back, building a snow fort and drinking hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows

Quick tip: tap into your silly side and make it your mission to teach the little ones in your life the top to dos of the season—how to skate, how to build a snowman, how to create a DIY ornament… The list goes on.

If you want some extra action to work up a sweat, join a seasonal league or learn a winter sport. Choose to escape the cold by teaming up indoors or embrace the cold by hitting the hills. From dodgeball to volleyball, skating to skiing, start a team with your friends or check out the secondhand goods to start. Described as “golf for the winter,” give curling a go. Trade ball for stone, driver for broom, grab a drink and share a laugh.

If you prefer wine and dine to court and sport, pick one new recipe every week to try or participate in a cook book club. Change the flavors or test your taste buds to spice up kitchen time. Get over the hump (or kick off the weekend), by surprising your pal or significant other with a different dish. Grab the gang, organize a monthly potluck and get ready to meet and mingle your way through the calendar.

So you’d rather stay in then go out? We get it. After a long day (or week), sometimes a pair of big socks and a good read is all you need. In between books, press pause on flipping pages to color, craft or crossword. Whether signing up for a class or entering DIY mode, look to learn a skill or start a hobby. With local workshops on-trend, keep this winter warm with fun finds and well wishes.

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