How You Should Be Wearing Your Blush This Winter

Do you always wear your blush the same way, or do you switch it up depending on the season? The way you wear your blush in winter isn’t the same as the way you want to wear it in summer. Make your makeup look perfect this season with winter blush tips that work.

Stay Away from Pink

Soft pink looks amazing in summer, when your skin is getting more sun and there’s more color everywhere you look. But in winter, you want to accent your face with different shades. Try darker blushes, and avoid soft pinks. Try a blush in copper or rust red instead. These shades look better with darker winter eye shadow and lipstick, and pop with neutral winter fashions.

Go Below Your Cheekbones

Always apply blush just below your cheekbones in every season. This helps to accentuate your cheekbones to give your face more definition. You will also get a healthy, more natural-looking touch of color in your face with this technique. To find your cheekbones, just open your mouth wide while you’re applying your makeup. This will make your cheekbones easier to see so you can apply your blush in just the right place.

Highlight Your Apples

In winter, you don’t want to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. This is a fine method for spring and summer makeup, when you want to look a little sunkissed. But in winter, blush on the apples of your cheeks won’t look natural. Instead, add a little white powder to your apples and on your cheekbones, just above your blush. Blend well. The white will highlight your cheekbones and cheeks to make your face look more luminous.

Winter Blush Techniques

Change the way you apply your blush during winter, and give your skin a natural, beautiful glow that’s perfectly in keeping with the season. Use winter blush techniques, and use makeup to make yourself look your best all season long.

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