Having a Friends Night Out, Without Alcohol

Alcohol is known as a “social lubricant” that can help you feel more relaxed and less inhibited. Maybe you’re a little funnier when you drink, a little more outgoing, a surprisingly excellent dancer. But consuming a lot of alcohol on a regular basis with your friend group isn’t just expensive, it also can be a recipe for disaster. Try having an alcohol-free friends night out, and try some fun sober activities that don’t require cocktails.

Go to an Arcade

Seriously, when was the last time you went to an arcade? Have a night of nostalgia by going to the movie theater, the mall or any place you can find an arcade. Bring lots of quarters, elbow the teenagers out of the way and compete against your friends for gaming dominance. Since arcades are primarily geared to kids, it’s unlikely that alcohol is even on the menu here. You can often find classic arcade favorites as well, and you know your air hockey skills are practically unparalleled.

Listen to Local Talent

Find a coffee shop with an open mic night or a poetry reading night, and get ready to have some fun whispering critiques to all your buddies. Instead of alcohol, do the hipster thing and sip on a fancy tea or coffee just like one of the trendy kids.

Host a Dessert Potluck

Put a twist on the classic potluck dinner by telling everyone to bring a dessert. Because why eat real food when you can feast on sweet stuff instead? The last thing you want to do is drink alcohol when you’re eating cake, so having a cocktail won’t even cross your mind.

Night Hiking or Biking

Community parks, nature conservatories and forests often host community hikes or bike rides at night. You can also look for local hiking or biking groups hosting nighttime events. Being out in nature at this time can be thrilling. With the stars overhead and the night animals scurrying around, the world is truly an amazing place. And since you’re going to be out in nature at night, alcohol is a straight-up bad idea — and unnecessary besides. The fresh air and endorphins can give you and your friends an incredible natural high.

No Alcohol Friend Nights

You don’t need alcohol to have a great time with your friends, and sometimes it can be really important to remember that and put no-alcohol nights into practice. Not only does it save money, it can also save embarrassment and your health. Reconnect with your friends through sober activities, and you’ll find that you can establish a much deeper connection when alcohol is off the table (literally!).

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