Learn How to Love Your Face

Maybe it’s your nose, or perhaps your mouth. Your forehead…or it could be your ears. If you’ve always felt that there is something fundamentally “wrong” with your face, you’re a lot like everyone else who has ever looked into the mirror for a long enough amount of time. If this were smaller or that shorter, if that were different or this a bit bigger — you know the drill. But a lot of the thoughts you have about your face are influenced by your own thoughts. Separate those thoughts from your self-image, and learn how to start loving your face exactly how it is.

The Ever-Evolving Face of Beauty

Historically, the media and entertainment industry have been the ones who decide what’s beautiful — more so than any other group of people. And if you don’t think you fit into the current standards for beauty, looking into the mirror can start to feel a little depressing. But first, put beauty into perspective. What are the trends in your area? How do you feel adhering to them? Be yourself first and foremost.

Remember What’s Important

Beauty always seems incredibly important, doesn’t it? There’s always another commercial about some cosmetic that can change everything for you, and here’s another gorgeous model staring at the camera. While we use these examples of beauty, we know what beauty truly is on the inside.

Love Yourself

The face you have is special because it’s yours. No one else will ever have your personality, your unique fire and your inner glow. Look at your face with fresh eyes, and start loving the features that make you stand out and look different.

Make yourself feel beautiful by taking care of yourself and pampering yourself regularly. Make sure that you’re treating yourself well by taking time to relax and do things you enjoy. Every once in a while, treat yourself to a day at the salon or the spa. Paint your nails, change your hairstyle, experiment with different makeup looks, and start celebrating your own unique style of beauty. You decide what’s beautiful to you, so start the day with your open mind.

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