Why Vegans Aren’t Vegetarians And Vice Versa

Ever get vegan confused with vegetarian? Assume they are the same? Well, not quite. Vegans don’t see themselves as vegetarians. And in most cases, vegetarians don’t see themselves as vegans.

Confused yet? Let me explain…

There are many subcategory diets under vegetarianism that allow for some form of animal by products. And this is something vegans are adamant about staying away from. Here’s a simplified way to distinguish between the two…

Vegetarians will eat eggs, and consume dairy products like yogurt, milk, and butter.

Vegans will not consume animal flesh. That means no chicken and fish and certainly no cow or other animal. They will also not consume dairy. To take it a step further, many vegans won’t even wear leather or use any products tested on animals.

So if you’ve ever considered a plant based diet, now you know the difference between the two diets.


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