Tips to Help Flatten Your Tummy

Sick and tired of of your not so flat tummy? Not to sound like an infomercial here…but firming up your tummy doesn’t have to be hard.

Here are some tips to help you in your flat tummy journey:

1. Stay hydrated all the time. Drinking water will help you to feel fuller. It’s also important to drink water before every meal because being thirsty makes you eat more.

2. AFFAMAP! Avoid Fast Food As Much As Possible. Fast food is packed with unhealthy fats and calories. If you must have fast food, try to eat salads, without any fried meats, and avoid calorie-filled dressings.

3. Avoid sweetened drinks too. They are filled with calories and empty in nutrients.

4. Eat healthy foods, of course.

5. Exercise, exercise, and exercise! Many of us think that eating healthy and wishing on a star is going to help us lose weight. We need to get up and active. Combined aerobics is the best way to lose belly fat.

6. Eat more and less. Instead of three large meals a day, opt for five smaller meals throughout the day.

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