Updated Grapefruit Diet Teams with Super Nutrients

Natural health expert Kellyann Petrucci, N.D., has a new grapefruit diet that uses modern science to super-charge the fruit’s fat-busting powers. The Dr. Oz Show regular teams grapefruit with other natural super nutrients for a significant improvement on the 1980s diet that offered little more than grapefruit and black coffee.

Petrucci’s diet has a fan in Dr. Oz, who recently declared, “Grapefruit’s back for weight loss and better than ever!”

Grapefruit has been causing a stir among pharmaceutical companies interested in a compound called nootkatone found in the citrus. Preliminary evidence from Japan suggests the compound may significantly reduce hunger and promote weight loss by stimulating metabolism.

Dr. Petrucci points out additional benefits can be found in whole grapefruit.

There’s a hefty dose of vitamin C, which is linked to a 20 percent faster metabolism, and an antioxidant called naringenin, which may prompt the liver to burn fat faster. And the journal Nutrition says a pigment in pink and red grapefruit — lycopene — boosts levels of the hormone adiponectin. This hormone is known as a belly-flattener.

The new diet from Dr. Petrucci takes advantage of these slimming compounds, and her plan is “a way of doing it that makes sense and is smart,” according to Dr. Oz. Her menus call for a half-grapefruit at every meal along with metabolism-boosting protein, unlimited veggies, anti-inflammatory grains and satiating natural fats.

Antioxidants and natural fat help calm inflammation linked to slow metabolism. Protein and antioxidant-rich veggies boost metabolism. Ancient grains such as quinoa, farro, teff and spelt help prevent blood-sugar spikes and inflammation, which can drive belly fat storage, cravings and bloating. Adding ancient grains to grapefruit at dinner is a new strategy that lets “you wake up with a flatter belly!” according to Dr. Oz.

“And we’ve already seen evidence that it works,” said Dr. Oz. People who tried out Dr. Petrucci’s menu in a test for The Dr. Oz Show reported losing up to nine pounds in seven days. Women who tried the grapefruit-oriented menus for a longer period said they lost up to 30 pounds in 12 weeks.

Woman’s World nutritionists devised a menu plan based on Dr. Petrucci’s diet that keeps calories low to produce results you’ll notice quickly and gets ride of bloat. The plan includes nutrients to reduce hunger cravings.

Drink plenty of water, and use the ultra-low-cal extras you desire such as spices, vinegar, zero-calorie sweetener. Always consult your doctor before you embark on a new diet.

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