Try This Daily 3-Minute Exercise After Having a Baby

Having a baby is a joy and a blessing, but the extra pounds left around the middle is not. To achieve a tight mid-section again, you’re going to have to put in a little work to help it snap back. There are some things that’ll work. For instance, you can breastfeed. That’s been said to help a woman lose her belly fat fast. You can try waist trainers and diets. But, if you’re not into all of that, there are a few exercises that you can do too that will give you the abs you’re wishing for. Here’s one you can do in 3 minutes or less:


Most people are familiar with planks. They aren’t the easiest exercise to pull off, but the results can be amazing for that pillow you’re trying to get rid of in the front. Planks work well because they will help to flatten your tummy while building strength in that area.

Also, they are engaging your entire core, instead of isolating parts of the core.

Here’s how to do a simple, but efficient plank:

Step 1: Place your arms shoulder-width apart with your hands directly below your shoulders flat on the floor. Use your toes to balance your feet.

Step 2: Lift up your midsection so that it’s keeping your back supported and flat. You don’t want your back swaying down. It should feel like you’re pulling your navel towards your spine, not just sucking in the gut.

Step 3: To avoid stress to your neck and spine, keep it neutral. It will help if you pick a spot on the floor to concentrate on.

Step 4: Hold this stance for one minute.

Step 5: Rest for 45 seconds and repeat.

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