This Is How to Eat Healthier Takeout

Following a meal plan to stay healthy is a true commitment! Trips to the local market and preparing meals are not always what we want to do after a long day’s work. Luckily for us, fast food and delivery apps exist!

We know what you’re probably thinking: “I can’t just eat fast food every time I feel drained.” But the key to staying healthy while eating to-go meals is making smart choices and consuming in moderation. So what should you eat if not greasy cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, or drive-through salads dripping in dressing? Consider these options.

Vegetarian Meals

Whether you typically eat meat or not, vegetarian food is your friend while eating out. Why? Because meat substitutes often mimic animal-based products in texture, flavor, or appearance and are made from soy, textured vegetable protein, wheat gluten, or similar ingredients.

If vegetarian options aren’t available, opt for meals that come with a side of veggies. Eat the veggies first to avoid filling up on the less healthy portion of your meal.

Take Your Grains Whole

If you have a say in your grains, make sure to opt for whole-grain bread or buns when placing your order. If you can choose between white and brown rice, go for brown rice. Whole grains in your takeout meal mean that you’re getting more fiber and nutrients!

Almost Anything Is Better Than Fried

Almost any other preparation will be healthier than the fried variety, whether grilled, roasted, or baked. Why? Because frying adds fat to a meal, while other cooking methods let excess fat run or drip off. For example, a baked potato (not loaded with toppings) is typically better than a side of fries. Some fast-food restaurants (such as Chick-fil-A) allow you to choose grilled meat instead of fried when ordering.

Ask for the Sauce on the Side

Anything that comes with sauce also comes with added sugar, sodium, calories, and fat. Rather than let the restaurant decide how much dressing you need, ask for condiments on the side, and use them sparingly.

Don’t Sleep on All-Day Breakfast

If you can order from the breakfast menu all day, do it! Breakfast menus often offer healthier options in the form of egg-based and other vegetarian dishes.

Although takeout shouldn’t be a daily occurrence, there are things you can do to take control and minimize the impact of opting for takeout! Take the time to scan menus and go over your choices, keeping in mind a dish’s preparation, ingredients, and accompaniments.

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